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Social Media Marketing

We at VT INTERNATIONAL, use social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements.
The Five Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing

1. Strategy

Before we dive right in and publish something on social media, let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The first step is to think about your social media strategy.

2. Planning and Publishing

Publishing to social media is sharing a blog post, an image, or a video on a social media platform. But we want to plan your content ahead of time instead of creating and publishing content spontaneously.

3. Listening and Engagement

As your business and social media following grow, conversations about your brand will also increase. People will comment on your social media posts, tag you in their social media posts, or message you directly.

4. Analytics and Reporting

Along the way, whether we are publishing content or engaging on social media, you also want to know how your social media marketing is performing. Are you reaching more people on social media?

5. Advertising

When you have more funds to grow your social media marketing, an area that you can consider is social media advertising, to reach a wider audience than those who are following you.

Social Media Marketing

Can help with a number of Goals

Increasing Website Traffic

Increase your website traffic by taking people to your website.

Building Conversions

We actively participate with your audience.

Raising Brand Awareness

By social media marketing, people well aware with your brand.

Interaction With Key Audiences

We interact with your key audience using your social media platforms.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

Meet our main Features

We will make sure that you find your target audience. We Value You As Our Client and We Are 100% Committed to Protecting and Growing Your Brand

Social Media Content Planning
Great Social Content
A Consistent Brand Image
Measuring Success With Analytics
Promote Posts To Reach More Audience

What we do ?

In Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook offers a variety of highly targeted paid advertisements and organic posts, allowing you to put your products and services in front of the massive audience.

Instagram Marketing

Use Instagram to connect with your target audiences and market your offerings. We upload photos and videos to your profile and edit them with various options.

Youtube Marketing

Practice of promoting businesses and products on YouTube’s platform, by uploading valuable videos on your company’s YouTube channel or using YouTube ads.

LinkedIn Marketing

Using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, improve brand awareness and foster business relationships.

Twitter Marketing

Creating, publishing, and distributing content for your buyer personas, audience, and followers on twitter.

Reddit Marketing

Creating a sponsored lens that reflects your brand can be an effective way of using Reddit  for Marketing

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Working process

How goes process ?

Our team work closely with you to understand your business needs, and believe in
our clients having a top level of control over the developed product.


We recommend social media platforms for your business


You select social media platforms to promote your products & services


We setup and manage campaigns on selected social media platforms 


We gives you monthly report of your campaigns to keep you update 

First things first, there’s no doubt that your business should be on social media, regardless of the industry. The purpose behind having a social media presence, however, may differ from one company to another. As a brand, you need to know where your audience is and start from there. Conveying messages to the wrong crowd will end up in a lot of dissatisfaction for all involved parties.


The answer to this question depends again on what your business makes and what your demographic is. Each social media platform is enticing in its own way, but use the wrong type of content on the wrong audience and you’ll be labeled unprofessional.


First of all, we can choose to address your customers’ concerns in an attempt to regain their trust. Bear in mind that in some cases there can be no retention if you’re not doing so. Even satisfied customers will start questioning your customer service standards if they notice such approaches.

Secondly, we can turn to the content moderation solutions provided by the social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are only two of the social networks that provide comment filtering options.


Spamming, having multiple profiles on each platform and not interacting at all with the audience are some of the practices you should steer clear of. Some of these actions cause confusion, while others will determine your audience to downright unfollow and/or even report you.


Frequently asked questions

How Do You Get More Followers?

Here’s where the difference between quality and quantity becomes obvious. Posting frequent updates where you’re asking people to follow you or to bring in more followers is obviously not going to work. Buying followers might sound like an enticing solution, but it’s not a viable one. Paid followers aren’t particularly known for engaging with content, and neither are they loyal.

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